How to improve the Facebook likes?

Paying Facebook money to show your posts to greater people, or “boost” their attain, couldn’t be any less difficult. You honestly want to enhance a submit! This article reveals the inside track…Facebook Ads – three ways to reinforce a post like a seasoned!

Just find the “Boost Post” button at the bottom proper-hand nook of any put up on your web page…

Auto like

If that is all the thought you supply to your Facebook put up boosting method, you may count on to lose your money quicker than a slot gadget in Las Vegas…and possibly have less amusing doing it!
Three Ways to Boost a Post Like a Pro:
Pro Boosting Trick #1 – Add Gasoline to Posts which can be Already On Fire!

We spend a truthful amount of cash boosting our personal posts at Boom! Social and have just one “Golden Rule” we live by way of…

“Never raise a submit without a described aim!”

That goal may be to get greater weblog site visitors, get extra clicks to a touchdown web page, provide away a loose provide, get greater “likes”, etc.

Here is one cool little trick we use at the Boom! Social Facebook Fan Page to create our very own viral posts and get extra web page “likes”.

How lots extra you ask?


In the final week our posts have reached 2.1 million human beings with 116,091 post engagements. We additionally had 1,811 new “likes” and we didn’t spend a penny getting them.

How did we do it?

We figure out which posts are already doing nicely and spend a bit money boosting them to make them do even better. In different phrases, we discover the flame and throw extra fuel on it.

You can try this your self in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Click the “Insights” button at the top of your Fan Page.


Step 2: Then click the “Posts” button at the left-hand aspect.


Step three: Next click the “Reach” button. This types all the status updates you’ve got published in your Fan Page within the last 90 days from maximum to lowest attain.


Step 4: Pick one of the posts which might be already acting properly and enhance it!


Why does this work? Well, for ZERO greenbacks humans have already quite a good deal instructed you which ones of your posts they like and do not like.

This put up turned into seen, for FREE, by over 400,000 people and “liked”, “commented” or “shared” by way of over 23,000 humans. It makes experience that if I pay a touch greater to enhance its attain to more of our community that they too will enjoy it and push its virality even better.


The end result is we get loads greater fan page likes and continuously higher free attain inside the future.
Pro Boosting Trick #2 – Fans are Great, But Friends Works Too!

The first part of this tip is intuitive. If you are going to pay Facebook money to show your publish to more people, pay them to expose it on your enthusiasts first. Yes, it’s far more pricey, but those are the humans maximum possibly to interact with the publish and, more importantly, to convert into listing subscribers, webinar attendees and, subsequently, paying customers!

However, what do you do if you don’t have a whole lot of Facebook Fans to expose the put up to?

The subsequent pleasant option is to reveal the posts to the “friends of your enthusiasts”. The “pro-tip” component is which you filter those fanatics to make them greater focused, and therefore MUCH much more likely to need what you’re providing proper out of the gate.